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Sadly Fern Lockrem passed away from a sudden incident in September of 2010 leaving behind her husband Lou Lockrem and her Pickle Hill Borzois. Eventually we will have an extensive set of memorial pages for her. In the mean time the links below provide some information for people interested in her dogs. Many of her dogs have been adopted already but quite a few are still in the care of various fostering groups.

Here [picklehill.borzois.com] is the memorial site I am working on with information and pages about Pickle Hill Borzoi. If you have any memories of Fern you would like posted write bdalzell at qis dot net

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Pickle Hill Borzoi is a California based Borzoi kennel owned by Fern and Lou Lockrem. They have been breeding Borzoi since 1974. The Pickle Hill kennel has been a source of top open field coursing Borzoi for many years. This pedigree set is complete through December of 1999. Updates are planned in the near future.

Kamehameha of Rancho Gabriel,Mannon of Rancho Gabriel,Mayor's Run-Up of Pickle Hill.Carie's Go-By of Pickle Hill,
La Mascara of Rancho Gabriel

Here is a 1974 picture of the Pickle Hill foundation dogs and the first Pickle Hill "coursing lines" litter.

Left to right:
  1. Kamehameha of Rancho Gabriel
  2. Mannon of Rancho Gabriel cc, cm, pointed on the lure.
  3. Mayor's Run-Up of Pickle Hill cc, cm.
  4. Carie's Go-By of Pickle Hill cc cm.
  5. La Mascara of Rancho Gabriel cc, cm.

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Although every effort has been made to acheive correctness in these pedigrees, they cannot be certified as scompletely correct and without error. The data in the pedigrees is derived as much as possible from official AKC records (stud books and AKC awards). In the case of non-AKC registered dogs stud book pages, when available, have been the primary source of information. Corrections are solicited and should be e-mailed to:
bdalzell at Q I S dot net.
Please include the source of information for the correction. Remember pedigrees published in dog magazines are sometimes incorrect. The best sources of information are studbooks and the individual dog's registration form. Offical lists of awards are also to be preferred over lists of titles published in advertisements.

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