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Am Ch Astafiev Majenkr Mastrpiece

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registration number: AKC HC147570 Inbreeding co-efficient: 22.6855003% birth: 11-27-1974 AKC Studbook date(if appropriate)6-0-1976 color: wh
total possible ancestors 10 generations: 2048
total possible ancestors 11 generations: 4096
total possible ancestors 12 generations: 8192
the dog itself is generation 0

total ancestors found:8158
Ancestors not found on both sides of the pedigree (Unique ancestors)885
Ancestors common to both sides of the pedigree 503
Record date: 8-25-2010
Rcord creator ID: 920807000
Record source: Record entered prior to tracking of source in DB

Due to irregularities of the PROCESSING of the database: TITLES and lists of SIBS and OFFSPRING may not be complete or correct. However you should check for parents in the Bio and Pedigrees of the dogs in question. As of summer 2011 we are working on this with a new version of WebPed. total number of offspring 12
sire: Am Ch Majenkir Apollonian Tsar [Ped] [Bio] dam: Am Ch Majenkir Pastel Portrait + [Ped] [Bio]

no damsibs

Dogs sharing the same Sire
Am Ch Majenkir Apollonian Tsar [Ped] [Bio]

  1. Majenkir Robed In Ermine [Ped] [Bio]
  2. Am Ch Majenkir Tzarina Tsuzy [Ped] [Bio]
  3. Am Ch Birchwood's Vonka of Majenkir [Ped] [Bio]
  4. Loral's Devorah Apollinaria [Ped] [Bio]
  5. Majenkir Pegeen [Ped] [Bio]
  6. Majenkir Belinka [Ped] [Bio]
  7. Majenkir April [Ped] [Bio]
  8. Am Ch Majenkir Madrigal [Ped] [Bio]
  9. Majenkir Grand Noble [Ped] [Bio]
  10. Am Ch Loral's Dmitri Durov [Ped] [Bio]
  11. Am Ch Majenkir Equus [Ped] [Bio]
  12. Majenkir Gypsy Moth [Ped] [Bio]
  13. Majenkir Bella Tannishka [Ped] [Bio]
  14. Am Ch Astafiev Majenkr Mastrpiece [Ped] [Bio]
  15. Am Ch Nelshire's Keioma Katuschka [Ped] [Bio]
  16. Am Ch Prince Basil of Lamac [Ped] [Bio]
  17. Majenkir Solitaire [Ped] [Bio]
  18. Majenkir Astafiev Mercedes [Ped] [Bio]
  19. Majenkir Korygon of Sutsarof + [Ped] [Bio]
  20. Duchess Moonstar + [Ped] [Bio]
  21. AmCn Ch Majenkir's Taras Shevchenko [Ped] [Bio]
  22. Am Ch Majenkir Serafix Siberius + [Ped] [Bio]
  23. Majenkir Katrina [Ped] [Bio]
  24. Am Ch La Lejana's Snowbird [Ped] [Bio]
  25. Majenkir's Natasha Noel [Ped] [Bio]
  26. AmCn Ch Majenkir Hoflin Apollo [Ped] [Bio]
  27. Rusalka of Birchwood [Ped] [Bio]
  28. Pasha of La Lejana [Ped] [Bio]
  29. Am Ch Agridor's Alisa Astarte [Ped] [Bio]
  30. Lamac Ivanna Zanosa [Ped] [Bio]
  31. La Lejana's Snow Image [Ped] [Bio]
  32. Leahy's Poseidon [Ped] [Bio]
  33. Am Ch Agridor's Kondak to Apollo [Ped] [Bio]
  34. Majenkir Anastasia [Ped] [Bio]
  35. Am Ch Astafiev Majenkir White Mist [Ped] [Bio]
  36. Majenkir Anna Tsar [Ped] [Bio]
  37. Camiran Dinica [Ped] [Bio]
  38. Am Ch Majenkir Apollonaris [Ped] [Bio]
  39. Am Ch Tihomir Aurora [Ped] [Bio]
  40. Tihomir Chances Are [Ped] [Bio]
  41. Am Ch Majenkirs Taxi Danser [Ped] [Bio]
  42. Moonwynd Melissa Maya [Ped] [Bio]
  43. David of Leedsville [Ped] [Bio]
  44. Majenkir Abraxis [Ped] [Bio]
  45. Majenkir Apollia CDX [Ped] [Bio]
  46. Am Ch Camiran Daria [Ped] [Bio]
  47. Jmac Ariana Majenkir [Ped] [Bio]
  48. Am Ch Majenkir Marigold FCh [Ped] [Bio]
  49. Baymar's Light Fantastic FCh CM [Ped] [Bio]
  50. Am Ch Arista's Scherzo [Ped] [Bio]
  51. Majenkir Ludmilla Protopopov FCh [Ped] [Bio]
  52. Glinka FCh [Ped] [Bio]
  53. (see note) Agridor's Margo of Hammhausen OTCh UD [Ped] [Bio]
  54. Am Ch Tihomir Athenian Light [Ped] [Bio]
  55. Arista's Sonata [Ped] [Bio]
  56. Am Ch Majenkirs Ms of Dragonflit [Ped] [Bio]
  57. La Lejana's Skazouika [Ped] [Bio]
  58. Majenkir Veruchka Redlands [Ped] [Bio]
  59. Agridor's Allegra Vivance [Ped] [Bio]

Full Sibs
  1. Am Ch Astafiev Majenkir Makhayl [Ped] [Bio]
  2. Am Ch Kumasan's Shadow of Astfiev [Ped] [Bio]
  3. Am Ch Astafiev Charadai [Ped] [Bio]
  4. Kumasan Astafiev Dominique [Ped] [Bio]
  5. Kumasan Astafiev Czonka [Ped] [Bio]
  6. Am Ch Kumasan Astafiev Black Mist CD [Ped] [Bio]
  7. Am Ch Kumasan Astafiev Cream Puff [Ped] [Bio]
  8. Am Ch Kumasan Astafiev Kepa [Ped] [Bio]
  9. Am Ch Kumasan's Fiddler of Astafiev UDT [Ped] [Bio]
  10. Am Ch Kumasan Astafiev Joaquin [Ped] [Bio]
  11. Am Ch Kumasan Astafiev Dejada [Ped] [Bio]
  12. Am Ch Kumasan Astafiev Ivory [Ped] [Bio]

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