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AmCn Ch Seabury's Damon

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registration number: AKC HC819175 NL165 Inbreeding co-efficient: 5.0007267% birth: 3-19-1981 AKC Studbook date(if appropriate)8-0-1983 color: wh rd gld mkgs
total possible ancestors 10 generations: 2048
total possible ancestors 11 generations: 4096
total possible ancestors 12 generations: 8192
the dog itself is generation 0

total ancestors found:7804
Ancestors not found on both sides of the pedigree (Unique ancestors)848
Ancestors common to both sides of the pedigree 353
Record date: 8-25-2010
Rcord creator ID: 920807000
Record source: Record entered prior to tracking of source in DB

Due to irregularities of the PROCESSING of the database: TITLES and lists of SIBS and OFFSPRING may not be complete or correct. However you should check for parents in the Bio and Pedigrees of the dogs in question. As of summer 2011 we are working on this with a new version of WebPed. total number of offspring 62
sire: AmCn Ch Lanel's Lobachevski (Can>US) [Ped] [Bio] dam: CnCh Seabury's Delightful Lana [Ped] [Bio]

Dogs sharing the same Sire
AmCn Ch Lanel's Lobachevski (Can>US) [Ped] [Bio]

  1. AmCn Ch Seabury's Damon [Ped] [Bio]
  2. AmCn Ch Seabury's Dina [Ped] [Bio]
  3. CnCh Lanel's Nikola Natalya CnFCh [Ped] [Bio]
  4. Seabury's Delia (US>CKC) [Ped] [Bio]
  5. Lanel's Nikola Natasha [Ped] [Bio]
  6. AmCn Ch Seabury's Dee Kristaul FCh [Ped] [Bio]
  7. CnCh Seabury's Dee Zatochnika FCh CD CnCD TT [Ped] [Bio]

Dogs sharing the same Dam
CnCh Seabury's Delightful Lana [Ped] [Bio]

    1. AmCn Ch Seabury's Damon [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Lanel's Lobachevski (Can>US)
    2. AmCn Ch Seabury's Dina [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Lanel's Lobachevski (Can>US)
    3. Seabury's Delia (US>CKC) [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Lanel's Lobachevski (Can>US)
    4. Am Ch Seabury Bianca O Warwind Farm [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Lanel's Lobachevski (Can>US)
    5. Seabury's Baleika Yona [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Stillwater Barndance
    6. AmCn Ch Seabury's Dee Kristaul FCh [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Lanel's Lobachevski (Can>US)
    7. CnCh Seabury's Dee Zatochnika FCh CD CnCD TT [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Lanel's Lobachevski (Can>US)
    8. Seabury's Baleika Bryansla [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Stillwater Barndance

Full Sibs
  1. AmCn Ch Seabury's Dina [Ped] [Bio]
  2. CnCh Seabury's Dee Zatochnika FCh CD CnCD TT [Ped] [Bio]
  3. Am Ch Seabury Bianca O Warwind Farm [Ped] [Bio]
  4. AmCn Ch Seabury's Damon [Ped] [Bio]
  5. AmCn Ch Seabury's Dee Kristaul FCh [Ped] [Bio]
  6. Seabury's Delia (US>CKC) [Ped] [Bio]

  1. Seabury's Country Squire [Ped] [Bio]
  2. Seabury's Theoexartizo [Ped] [Bio]
  3. Seabury's Rohnoke Diamon [Ped] [Bio]
  4. Seabury Vernor View Savannah [Ped] [Bio]
  5. Am Ch Andrei of Iyengar [Ped] [Bio]
  6. Am Ch Lanel's Testarossa [Ped] [Bio]
  7. AmCn Ch Alix of Iyengar [Ped] [Bio]
  8. Seabury's Lucky Lady [Ped] [Bio]
  9. Am Ch Vernor View Aignor [Ped] [Bio]
  10. Dana Dan Lavender Kievanrus [Ped] [Bio]
  11. AmCn Ch Vernor View Hart To Heart [Ped] [Bio]
  12. Am Ch Sontse Lady Aislinn Affair [Ped] [Bio]
  13. Sontse Abrina [Ped] [Bio]
  14. Am Ch Rohnoke's Arbor Vitae [Ped] [Bio]
  15. Rohnoke Arkenwyke Romilyn [Ped] [Bio]
  16. AmCn Ch Seabury's Love Life Itself [Ped] [Bio]
  17. Seabury's Da'Lara [Ped] [Bio]
  18. Am Ch Vernor View Seabury Tigoski [Ped] [Bio]
  19. Am Ch Annuschka of Iyegar [Ped] [Bio]
  20. Am Ch Ljudmila's Akim Krylataja Ljoebov [Ped] [Bio]
  21. Seabury's Lara [Ped] [Bio]
  22. Am Ch Jaraluv's Glamour Girl [Ped] [Bio]
  23. Seabury's Sunnie [Ped] [Bio]
  24. Am Ch Seabury Sontse Spirit [Ped] [Bio]
  25. Sontse Almaz [Ped] [Bio]
  26. Seabury's Love Exchange [Ped] [Bio]
  27. CnCh Lanel's Moondance Evensong CnFCh [Ped] [Bio]
  28. Tamarzi's Herz aus Stahl [Ped] [Bio]
  29. Am Ch Ayesha of Iyengar [Ped] [Bio]
  30. Lanel's Eminence [Ped] [Bio]
  31. Am Ch Rohnoke's Seabury Dimon [Ped] [Bio]
  32. Am Ch Anya of Iyengar [Ped] [Bio]
  33. Am Ch Anton of Iyengar [Ped] [Bio]
  34. Am Ch Jaraluv's Girl Friday [Ped] [Bio]
  35. Am Ch Sontse Arik [Ped] [Bio]
  36. Am Ch Sontse's Alyosha [Ped] [Bio]
  37. Am Ch Rohnoke's Aspen Meadow [Ped] [Bio]
  38. Am Ch Sontse Amadeus [Ped] [Bio]
  39. Am Ch Rohnoke's Aspen Snowmass [Ped] [Bio]
  40. Am Ch Bokhara's Seamasquerade of A [Ped] [Bio]
  41. Am Ch Aldrin Daybreak del Viento [Ped] [Bio]
  42. Am Ch Bokhara's Sea Shell [Ped] [Bio]
  43. Am Ch Lanel's Sweet Dream of Soyara [Ped] [Bio]
  44. Am Ch Ayla of Iyengar [Ped] [Bio]
  45. Am Ch Bokhara Freeflight Seaghost [Ped] [Bio]
  46. Am Ch Tamarzi's Alexander [Ped] [Bio]
  47. Am Ch Tamarzi's Russkie Maliy CD [Ped] [Bio]
  48. Am Ch Tamarzi's Nadjia Tianna [Ped] [Bio]
  49. Seabury's Silver Streak [Ped] [Bio]
  50. Seabury's Lovely Lady [Ped] [Bio]
  51. Vladimir Krylataja Ljoebov [Ped] [Bio]
  52. Polongai Krylataja Ljoebov [Ped] [Bio]
  53. Rimsky Krylataja Ljoebov [Ped] [Bio]
  54. Ljoebovkaya Krylataja Ljoebov [Ped] [Bio]
  55. Am Ch Ljudmila's Dunja Krylataja Ljoebov [Ped] [Bio]
  56. Seabury's Lady Charmer (HD427966) [Ped] [Bio]
  57. AmCn Ch Vernor View's Rimsky Korsakov [Ped] [Bio]
  58. AmCn Ch Seabury's Pafko Potemkin [Ped] [Bio]
  59. Seabury's Lady Luck [Ped] [Bio]
  60. Seabury's Memories [Ped] [Bio]
  61. Seabury's Merry Melody [Ped] [Bio]
  62. Jaraluv's Gold Piece [Ped] [Bio]

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