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  Jahdek's Joy at Karitonova

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registration number: AKC HM718081/08 Inbreeding co-efficient: 11.4324244% birth: 3-29-1997 AKC Studbook date(if appropriate)0-0-0 color: wh cr
total possible ancestors 10 generations: 2048
total possible ancestors 11 generations: 4096
total possible ancestors 12 generations: 8192
the dog itself is generation 0

total ancestors found:8040
Ancestors not found on both sides of the pedigree (Unique ancestors)866
Ancestors common to both sides of the pedigree 488
Record date: 8-25-2010
Rcord creator ID: 920807000
Record source: Record entered prior to tracking of source in DB

Due to irregularities of the PROCESSING of the database: TITLES and lists of SIBS and OFFSPRING may not be complete or correct. However you should check for parents in the Bio and Pedigrees of the dogs in question. As of summer 2011 we are working on this with a new version of WebPed. total number of offspring 0
sire: Am Ch Secret Garden Song of Songs [Ped] [Bio] dam: Jahdek's Filadelfia Story [Ped] [Bio]

Dogs sharing the same Sire
Am Ch Secret Garden Song of Songs [Ped] [Bio]

  1. Am Ch Secret Garden's Gabrielle [Ped] [Bio]
  2. Secret Garden Rock of Ages [Ped] [Bio]
  3. Secret Garden Vision [Ped] [Bio]
  4. Secret Garden Angelica [Ped] [Bio]
  5. Am Ch Lara Secret Garden Guardian Angel [Ped] [Bio]
  6. Am Ch Secret Garden Psalms [Ped] [Bio]
  7. Secret Garden Novel Angel [Ped] [Bio]
  8. Secret Garden Odessa [Ped] [Bio]
  9. Am Ch Secret Garden Sabbath Day [Ped] [Bio]
  10. Secret Garden Angel Eyes [Ped] [Bio]
  11. Am Ch Secret Garden Living Water [Ped] [Bio]
  12. Am Ch Secret Garden White Dove [Ped] [Bio]
  13. Am Ch Secret Garden Believe [Ped] [Bio]
  14. Karitonova Jasper of Jahdek [Ped] [Bio]
  15. Karitonova Jonquil of Jahdek [Ped] [Bio]
  16. Frostfire Rough Diamonds [Ped] [Bio]
  17. Frostfire High Society [Ped] [Bio]
  18. Frostfire Braveheart [Ped] [Bio]
  19. Am Ch Lara's I Did It My Way [Ped] [Bio]
  20. Am Ch Frostfires Luck Be A Lady WW [Ped] [Bio]
  21. Am Ch Lara's Poet Of My Heart [Ped] [Bio]
  22. Jahdek's Joy at Karitonova [Ped] [Bio]
  23. Secret Garden Solomon's Gold [Ped] [Bio]
  24. Frostfire Axiom Ahonna [Ped] [Bio]
  25. Secret Garden White Roses [Ped] [Bio]
  26. Secret Garden Talisker [Ped] [Bio]
  27. Secret Garden My Zeus [Ped] [Bio]
  28. SG Glencrofts Lydia [Ped] [Bio]
  29. SG Glencrofts Fergus [Ped] [Bio]
  30. Am Ch Lara's Rose Of Sharon [Ped] [Bio]
  31. Lara's Secret Rendezvous [Ped] [Bio]
  32. Am Ch Lara's Trumpet Of Zion [Ped] [Bio]
  33. Am Ch Lara's Stairway To Heaven [Ped] [Bio]
  34. Secret Garden Noel [Ped] [Bio]
  35. Am Ch Po Dusham Song of the South CD [Ped] [Bio]
  36. Am Ch Po Dusham Stazi Von Gippert [Ped] [Bio]
  37. Am Ch Podusham Winter's On The Wing [Ped] [Bio]
  38. Secret Garden Winged Lady [Ped] [Bio]

Dogs sharing the same Dam
Jahdek's Filadelfia Story [Ped] [Bio]

    1. Jahdek's Icon v Misty Ridge [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Misty Ridge Arizzztocrat
    2. Jahdeks Indian Summer [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Misty Ridge Arizzztocrat
    3. Jahdek's Iron Petticoat [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Misty Ridge Arizzztocrat
    4. Karitonova Jasper of Jahdek [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Secret Garden Song of Songs
    5. Karitonova Jonquil of Jahdek [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Secret Garden Song of Songs
    6. Jahdek's Joy at Karitonova [Ped] [Bio] sired by: Misty Ridge Arizzztocrat

Full Sibs
  1. Karitonova Jonquil of Jahdek [Ped] [Bio]
  2. Karitonova Jasper of Jahdek [Ped] [Bio]

Offspring no offspring

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